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Is a staycation as good as a holiday in Europe?

‘Should I stay or should I go?’ is the common question we all ask ourselves when summer starts peeking around the corner. To holiday or not to holiday isn’t the issue, but rather it’s deciding whether or not a holiday at home can be as good as a holiday abroad. Well, perhaps it’s time to find the answer to that question once and for all.


Depending on where you go, this could go either way. On the one hand, a staycation takes place at home: the most comfortable place in the world. You’re either spending it at home, sleeping in your own, snuggly bed every night, or you’re spending it somewhere else around Dorset and get the comfort of at least knowing the language and your way around.

On the other hand, however, a luxury hotel in Europe might be the most comfortable thing you have ever experienced in your life. Imagine a cosy shack on the beach, a cushion covered chair in the sunshine, a cool drink in one hand and your favourite book in another. Whereas home will always be comfortable, the quality of comfort you might get abroad depends on where you go.


Dorset has a lot to offer when it comes to fun. There’re museums, castles, beaches, wildlife parks, gardens, ice skating, boat tours and the list just keeps going. To think that all of these activities had been so close to home all along and you hadn’t discovered them! You certainly won’t be short on options when it comes to taking your kids, or your partner or yourself out and about for a day of fun around Dorset.

In Europe, though, you might have a few more options that you are less likely to find – or afford – in Dorset. You can surf, ski, climb a mountain, ride in a helicopter, stand atop a volcano and all other sorts of activities. There are also a lot more dangerous activities for the thrill seekers who should probably secure their European health insurance before going. It’s probably up to you to decide what sort of fun you want and choose your holiday destination based on that.


There’s no competition when it comes to this one. Hands down, a staycation is the most cost effective holiday you could hope for. Unless you plan to tour all of the five star restaurants in Dorset, you’re bound to see a pretty big difference in cost. With a staycation you save money on travel, accommodation, food, activities, and all of the toiletries and supplies you normally need to buy.


Let’s face it: the UK isn’t exactly known as a tropical paradise. During the summer it can get pretty warm and sunny, but for most of the year it’s pretty hit and miss. You’ll be lucky to get a couple of days of sunbathing out of a British summer. But, then again, rain and cloudy days are a part of what makes Britain so charming. While it might be nice to picnic in the sun every now and then, Dorset wouldn’t be the same without the serene morning fog we get every now and then and the cool showers.

In Europe however there are destinations to choose from that are almost guaranteed to be sunny. Spain, Italy, Greece and all the rest will offer you almost nonstop sunshine and you can have the freedom to do whatever you want without the fear of unexpected bouts of torrential rain. However, with sun also comes heat, and us Brits aren’t exactly built for temperatures over 20 °C. With excessive sunshine comes unquenchable thirst and days spent in the shade because the sand is way too hot to step on.